Would you like a beautiful even-toned complexion? Yes! Clear-Essence Maxi-Tone Skin Beautifying Milk can help give you an even-toned glow by fading away skin discolorations such as age spots, freckles, or dark patches that may occur from pregnancy or use of birth control pills.
Movate Cream contains Clobetasol propionate 0.05 %. Clobetasol propionate is a corticosteroid used in the treatment of various skin diseases as indicated for Corticosteroid products.


Gel pomade with wavitrol III

Directions: Dampen clean hair with hot towel to soften. Rub silver of it in hands until evenlayer forms. Work into hair in direction of pattern. Brush into desired style.

1. Repeat using at least twice daly, Morning and Night before going to bed.

2. Apply Shirley Cream not only on your face but also on your body.

3. After using two bottles of Shirley Medicated Cream, your skin becomes lighter, looks great and younger.

MIC is a non-greasy vanishing cream treatment

  • Lightens and Brightens your Complexion
  • Softens and smooths your skin
  • Fast action helps clear pimples and spots


Shea butter